In today’s changing environment, many financial institutions find themselves working very hard to stay relevant and cost-efficient. To support this wider goal, they are starting to evaluate the use of video analytics. The use of analytics helps to support decision making by providing relevant facts with real-time data.

Financial institutions are now looking to innovate in this area to improve the customer experience. Analytics can be added to existing surveillance platforms, allowing companies to build on their current infrastructure, as well as deliver a better ROI (Return on Investment). With the maturity of sophisticated video analytics, network cameras have stepped beyond the traditional sphere of security surveillance and loss prevention and into the realm of operational business intelligence. 

Video Analytics Use Cases

Convergint, partnered with Axis Communications, can provide innovative solutions for video analytics in financial institutions. Some of the use cases include: 

Analytics can be a powerful tool to help financial institutions optimize value from their network video systems and gain deeper insight into their business. Convergint and Axis Communications can implement these solutions to help improve customer experience. Strategic use of video analytics will help not only leverage resource spending but will also speed the process of making important business decisions.

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