Workplace violence is increasing in healthcare facilities nationwide. Each year, there are fewer and fewer reported nonfatal workplace incidents and homicides, according to a report published by the Bureau of Justice Statistics. However, the Advisory Board reported that 75 percent of all workplace assaults happen in healthcare facilities.

Sounds can be the first sign of an escalating situation and can be used when monitoring for safety and security. Axis Communications, partnered with Convergint, can implement sound detection to locate threats by constantly analyzing sounds at the location. Sound detection uses pitch, echo effects, tempo, horizontal patterns, and the spectral shape, but also an extensive set of other features in its algorithms and related technologies.

Axis Sound Detection

Sound detection provides advanced audio analytics that in real-time examine the characteristics of surrounding sounds to look for potential incidents, such as aggression, gunshots, glass breaking, and car alarms.

When detected, it sends an alarm to security operators. The functionality is embedded in the camera and can initiate if sound and video should be recorded or turned off for privacy-sensitive environments. Since only the sound characteristics are examined, not the sound content, the system is language-independent.

Sound Detection Image

Sound Detection

  • Self-starting and discrete trigger of remote response actions

  • Security systems become proactive and preventative

  • No missed incidents

Panic Alarm Button & Traditional Surveillance

  • Staff/victim can’t reach panic button or forgets when to push, or is not instructed to push

  • Camera-operator ratio is too high

  • Only used for recording and missed incidents

Sound detection can be viewed as complementary to video surveillance. Video surveillance has distinct advantages but also some downsides. It is not always clear where to look as an operator, especially if there are many monitors in place. There might also be places, in an infrastructure, where no cameras are placed or there is limited visibility. In this case, sound detection provides you with a pair of ears, when the eyes have trouble.

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