Data centres are prime targets for security breaches, corporate espionage and insider threat. To keep your data centre and your brand’s reputation intact, it is integral to implement a comprehensive and high-standard security solution that deters intrusion, minimises risk, and enables fast response in the case of an incident.

Convergint APAC has assisted prominent colocation and hyperscale data centres across Asia Pacific to design, install, and service end-to-end security solutions for over 10 years. Convergint APAC’s dedicated experts leverage the global cloud and data centre vertical strategy, resources, and expertise to provide the best service and solutions to clients in a customer-driven, vertical-focused approach.

Typical solutions in data centre security

Convergint APAC provides advanced and customised solutions to help solve customers’ unique challenges with the goal of increasing security, improving operational efficiency, and maximising ROI. Below are some typical solutions that Convergint’s team of professionals offer across Australia, China, India, Japan, New Zealand, Singapore and Southeast Asia:

Data centre compliance requirements

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