Convergint is thrilled to share its recognition as a ‘Great Place To Work’ in India for the third consecutive year. This accolade comes following an extensive colleague survey conducted by the Trust Index, evaluating critical aspects of workplace experience, leadership effectiveness, and company culture.

Convergint excelled across various dimensions of employee satisfaction, attaining high scores in all critical areas. The impressive Trust Index signified a strong level of employee contentment, while indicating remarkable scores in fairness practices, respect from management, and a profound sense of pride in work, team, and the company. Furthermore, the results highlighted a notably high degree of reported workplace satisfaction among colleagues.

Commenting on this achievement, Jijesh K, General Manager, South India, expressed “Receiving the ‘Great Place To Work’ accreditation for the third consecutive year validates the positive culture that we strive for daily. We take immense pride in the dedicated team that we have built throughout these years and express our gratitude for their commitment each day”.

Aligned with Convergint’s core Values and Beliefs, Convergint India is committed to establishing an outstanding workplace that prioritises inclusion and diversity, safety, and equal opportunity with a healthy work environment for all colleagues.

“Our colleagues form the backbone of our success. This acknowledgement inspires us to continue fostering a supportive and dynamic workplace. We aim to focus on initiatives that ensure all our colleagues flourish both professionally and personally for a better work life balance.”

– Bhashkarvikram Rajkhowa, General Manager, North India

“Receiving the ‘Great Place To Work’ accreditation is a testament to the positive culture we instil at Convergint. The heart of our success lies in our undying commitment to everything that we do at Convergint. I am truly grateful to all our colleagues for achieving this success for the third consecutive time.”

– Ahron Francis, General Manager, AV, India

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