On December 1, 2023, Convergint India hosted a dynamic event in Bengaluru, India, uniting over 70 security experts to explore pioneering security solutions shaping the industry’s future. The event featured speeches, live tech demos, and fostered networking among security professionals and Convergint peers.

Focused on Convergint’s cutting-edge services and solutions, Jijesh K, Operations Manager, South India, introduced ServicePlus Managed Services, showcasing how data, AI, and the cloud can be leveraged for security process transformation. From proactive system monitoring to hosting services delivered through Convergint Service Operations Centres (SOCs), the talks highlighted the benefits of embracing advanced technology and a Security as a Service approach for robust security.

Amidst offerings like Application Engineer Services, Advanced Solutions, and International Project Management, these tailored solutions aim to streamline operations, enhance user experience, and tackle unique security and business challenges.

Shwetha KK, Global Design Centre Supervisor, showcased her team’s pivotal role in delivering standardised system diagrams for global clients, emphasising the efficiency and accuracy of iDesign, Convergint’s in-house automated software.

This event underscored Convergint’s dedication to innovation, efficiency, and customer-centric security solutions, showcasing their efforts in redefining security norms and previewing future enhanced security measures and operational excellence.

“At Convergint, our strength lies not only in our cutting-edge technologies but also in our unwavering commitment to transforming the security landscape. This event showcased our ability to harness the power of innovation, providing tailored solutions that redefine industry standards. I’d like to express my gratitude to everyone who took the time to attend this event and for their ongoing support in our journey.”

Nitin K, Sales Head, India

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