Austin-Bergstrom International Airport (ABIA) is a Class C international airport serving the Greater Austin metropolitan area. Covering 4,242 acres, ABIA provides service to 15 airlines and 48 destinations in the US, Canada, Mexico, and Europe, alongside managing business, retail, ground transportation, parking, and many other functions.


The airport uses Genetec’s Security Center platform, installed by Convergint Technologies. The airport receives video footage from hundreds of cameras deployed in the airport, requiring a solution to address the challenge of how to quickly review and analyze hours of video, and how to turn the video data into useful information.


ABIA selected BriefCam Syndex® to enable the rapid review, analysis, and investigation of the large amounts of video data. Embedded in the Genetec Security Center, it enables ABIA to maximize security and get better insights into operational activities from within the video management software (VMS).


Based on BriefCam’s Video Synopsis® technology, Syndex Pro allows users to compress hours of video footage into minutes in order to review multiple activities simultaneously, as well as search through the videos according to specific criteria. For example, quickly finding a specific traveler passing through the airport wearing a yellow jacket, or identifying an unauthorized person that entered a restricted area.

In addition, Syndex Pro turns the huge amounts of video data generated daily into useful information for optimizing operations across the airport, such as counting cars entering specific parking lots and identifying passenger flow issues throughout the terminals.

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What does this solution mean for ABIA personnel and customer safety?

It’s easy. Syndex Pro seamlessly integrated into ABIA’s VMS and accessible at the click of a tab.

It’s efficient. An hour of video is viewed in a minute, freeing airport personnel for other tasks.

The results are proven. ABIA expanded its use of Syndex Pro, doubling the number of licenses to further increase security and operational productivity across the airport. Additionally, the city of Austin has mandated the use of Syndex Pro at the airport.

Work smarter, not harder. The ability to leverage huge amounts of already-available video data goes beyond the value for security, as it allows ABIA to easily control and optimize operations where needed. ABIA uses Syndex Pro to monitor and count the return of rental cars, ensuring they have accurate records on car returns and receive the correct revenue from each car rental vendor.

Convergint Technologies continues to support ABIA’s security expansion by increasing BriefCam’s footprint, adding video synopsis to new camera deployments.