Pictured: Irish Cancer Society’s Susie Cunningham, left, and Convergint Technologies Adrian Hill, right

Convergint colleagues and technology partners raised $6,665 through a silent auction at the company’s 2017 Nation Conference, which was recently held at the Hotel del Coronado in San Diego, CA. The silent auction gift, a special bottle of Ireland’s Midleton Very Rare whiskey, was donated by Adrian Hill, the Commercial Director for Convergint’s Technology Center in Ireland.

Half of the funds were donated to the Irish Cancer Society to help fight cancer through more research, educating the public on ways to prevent cancer, and assisting those fighting the disease with the best treatment and care.

The Irish Cancer Society receives minimal government funding (only around 2%), and therefore relies on raising the remaining 98% of funds from companies like Convergint, and the public.  This year over 40,000 people in Ireland will be diagnosed with cancer, which is equivalent to 150 cases per day.

The other half of the funds have been donated to the Ken LaChance Colleague Emergency Fund, whose sole purpose is to provide limited financial assistance to eligible colleagues who are experiencing unforeseeable economic hardship due to certain emergency situations.

About the Irish Cancer Society
The Irish Cancer Society is the national cancer charity in Ireland (charity number CHY5863) with the mission to improve the lives of those affected by cancer. This is done by funding lifesaving, collaborative cancer research, providing up to date information about cancer, delivering a range of services to improve the lives of people living with cancer and their families, and by influencing change and raising awareness of cancer issues at the government level.  To learn more about the Irish Cancer Society, visit www.cancer.ie.

About the Ken LaChance Colleague Emergency Fund
The purpose of the Colleague Emergency Fund is to provide limited financial assistance to eligible colleagues who are experiencing unforeseeable economic hardship due to certain emergency situations. Situations should be temporary or short-term in nature and not chronic. Colleagues will be referred to an appropriate source (i.e., Convergint EAP, community agency, Consumer Credit Counseling Service, etc.) if their circumstances do not apply to this program.  To learn more about the Ken LaChance fund, visit www.kenlachancefund.com.

About Convergint Technologies
Convergint Technologies is an industry-leading organization that designs, installs, and services integrated building systems, including electronic security, fire alarm, and life safety systems. To learn more about Convergint, visit www.convergint.com.

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