On July 15th, 2021, Convergint hosted a mass notification symposium at the Empower Field at Mile High Stadium in Denver. The in-person event provided local and national perspectives on integration and technology, public safety, and first response.

The Mass Notification Integration Symposium connected communities with networking opportunities and sponsored booths, informed attendees on the latest trends in mass notification integration through expert keynote speakers, and had a live demonstration of the HyperSpike technology solution.

View the highlights from the Symposium below.

“Mass notification is part of the arsenal of the solutions that we have. It’s a lot of different things that come together to serve the community when there’s a planned or unplanned security event, and it’s something that really goes across all vertical markets and different environments where there’s large campus scenarios.”

-Stephen Fisher, Business Development Manager, Convergint

Highlights from the Symposium

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