The Convergint Los Angeles team recently participated in a training, led by Active Risk Survival, designed to provide a better understanding of how technology can be leveraged during all hazardous events, a deeper understanding of risk mitigation, emergency operations planning, resource typing, and the importance of utilizing technology to improve outcomes when a critical incident occurs.

The training included insight into the processes used by the National Incident Management System (NIMS) and Incident Command Structure (ICS), regulatory guidance like NFPA 3000, inter-agency security committee mandates and best practices, and OSHA’s General Duty Clause 5.a.1. These processes serve as guidelines for applying industry best practices when designing and deploying electronic countermeasure solutions.

Case studies were also used to highlight how electronic technology can provide alerting capabilities, crisis lockdown, and situational awareness during hostile events. 

Emergency Communications Solutions

Convergint has a wide array of emergency communications solutions designed to quickly and efficiently alert the correct officials of an emergency.

  • Panic alarms provide the option for quick, discreet alerts to authorities during an emergency.

  • Mass notification from Alertus uses a multilayered approach with intelligible voice communications, presets, visible signals, text, graphics, tactile, or other communication methods to reach and alert more people in the event of an emergency.

  • Full facility emergency lockdown can be fully automated to deploy at the event of gunfire detection.

  • Guardian’s Active Shooter Detection System accurately detects gunshots and provides precise location information to first responders and security professionals within a second of the first shot. 

  • Blue-light emergency phones can provide quick help by enabling the ability to connect with assistance quickly. Designed to assist in campus environments where there are multiple buildings, open spaces, and entry points covering large areas, the speakerphones give users the opportunity to quickly connect with the right personnel to help them during an incident.

  • Public address systems provide students and staff with a greater level of security through individual visitor control. In addition to front door security, this solution can integrate a PA system to broadcast emergencies throughout multiple buildings on campus or even an entire district.

  • Total Recall, a Convergint Technologies company, offers CrimeEye®, a line of comprehensive public safety video systems. CrimeEye systems enable law enforcement and municipalities to deploy complete video surveillance for a variety of applications.

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