Emergency communication is a hot topic for higher education campuses, especially considering the continued increase in active shooter incidents. According to an FBI study, 1-in-4 active shooter situations happen at school campuses. Below are four emergency communications solutions Convergint can implement to minimize the destruction of an active shooter situation.

1. Detecting Shooters on Campus

Immediately detecting a shooter on campus minimizes the destruction caused by mass shooting incidents. Shooter Detection Systems (SDS) and Convergint can implement Guardian Indoor Active Shooter Detection System, gunshot detection technology, which is designed to alert in under one second of a gunshot and with zero false positives.

With sensors installed throughout campus facilities, critical shot location information can be immediately relayed to the building’s occupants and emergency personnel so that the proper steps can be taken to quickly control the situation. By removing the “human factor,” life-threatening delays can be avoided.

The Guardian sensor utilizes dual-factor authentication, validating both the acoustic bang and infrared flash of a weapon and immediately sending out alerts and notifications to multiple parties simultaneously. The system updates as each shot is fired, tracking and reporting in real-time as the incident unfolds. This provides critical shot detection information such as the location of the shooter to select recipients by email, text message, or other third-party communication systems.

2. Alerting the Campus to Active Shooters

In the event of an active shooter, campus officials need to be able to reach students, faculty, staff, and visitors across a large area and multiple facilities immediately. The Alertus Emergency Notification System is a comprehensive unified mass notification solution that can be implemented anywhere and activated quickly and effectively. Its seamless compatibility and integration with a wide variety of existing mass notification systems provide organizations a cost-effective way to enhance their emergency communications efforts.

The Alertus Emergency Notification System extends beyond personal notification by integrating with existing infrastructure and filling gaps in coverage with innovative alerting devices to create a multilayered notification system. Some examples of solutions that can be integrated with Alertus include:

  • Desktop Notifications
  • Mobile App
  • Cable TV Override
  • Indoor Speakers
  • VoIP Phones & Speakers
  • Overhead Alert Display
  • LED Marquee
  • High Powered Speaker Arrays
  • Panic Button

3. Assist Campus Visitors During an Incident

Getting help almost immediately during an active shooter incident is crucial. Code Blue is another solution that can provide quick help by enabling the ability to connect with assistance quickly. Code Blue is designed to assist in campus environments where there are multiple buildings, open spaces, and entry points covering large areas. Speakerphones give users the opportunity to quickly connect with the right personnel to help them during an incident. LED beacon strobe lights increase visibility. The enclosures are rugged and easily identifiable, making them a cost-effective option that will make people feel secure knowing that help is available at the touch of a button.

4. Individual Visitor Control on Campus

The topic of unwanted intruders entering campus buildings is a top priority for security administrators, especially given recent active shooter incidents in the news. Aiphone provides students and staff with a greater level of security through individual visitor control. In addition to front door security, this solution can integrate panic buttons, trigger lockdowns, and instantly contact authorities, and it also gives faculty an efficient way to communicate with classrooms and other offices. Using a PA system to page, make general announcements, or broadcast emergencies throughout the building, this provides entry security and communication to multiple buildings on campus or even an entire district.

Aiphone can also provide emergency towers with dual call stations which can be strategically placed throughout campus including in parking garages, stairwells, or other remote areas.

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