The drive-up became a lifeline for thousands of financial institutions throughout the country during the height of the pandemic and this old-school technology has now emerged as a powerhouse for banks and credit unions alike. The hum of idling motors is proof positive of the drive-thru’s resurgence. As such, financial institutions are reassessing their drive-up equipment with consideration for its ability to manage the increased workload.

It is not just pneumatic tubes and deal drawers that are getting a workout at the drive-ups. The same is true for advanced technologies including ATMs and interactive teller machines (ITMs). As demand has accelerated, the capabilities of the ITM have proven to be the dividing line between some financial institutions and their competitors. Indeed, this is where some banks and credit unions have had the opportunity to truly shine, including BankNewport. Read about Convergint’s customer success at the drive-up in this case study.

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