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Drive-ups and depositories experienced a user revitalization due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This old school technology has been rediscovered by both consumers and commercial accounts, and the subsequent uptick in demand has shown few signs of abating. Financial institutions welcome this change, as drive-up transactions are more efficient than the lobby.

Convergint offers drive-up and depository design and equipment in support of optimizing financial institutions’ operational efficiencies, enhancing the ability to meet demand, and fulfilling new requirements laid into business continuity plans.

Drive-up design & equipment

Convergint’s portfolio of pneumatics, deal drawers, bullet resistance, and communications supports the total drive-up experience at any institution. Convergint’s drive-up offerings are:

  • Well designed: Proper layout is critical to reap the rewards of drive-up and walk-up transactions; therefore, consideration is given to the site location, ingress/egress options, unique challenges, and commercial vs. consumer traffic. Convergint deploys designs with details in mind.

  • State-of-the-art: Working with established partners ensures that Convergint delivers the highest quality equipment for every installation.

  • Reliable: Drive-up equipment can take quite a beating from the environment and the clientele, so Convergint integrates robust products to enhance performance in extreme conditions.

  • Serviced: Convergint has an established and comprehensive drive-up service program, with industry-leading response metrics and timely repair services.


Convergint provides depositories, replacement heads, and the unique Safepak system in support of optimizing the commercial experience at the drive-up. Convergint’s depository offerings are:

  • Durable: Convergint depositories have a long service life, and seldom require total replacement.

  • Flexible: Equipment can be updated with a simple, nonintrusive design refresh that leverages replacement heads. This is an efficient and effective alternative to full replacement for most banks and credit unions.

  • Secure: Convergint takes depository security to the next level with the SafePak system, leveraging self-locking bags that are highly secure and tamper resistant. This is a simple solution for reducing CIT retrieval time by more than 90% and allowing for single-custody pick-ups. Contact Convergint to request Safepak information.

  • Serviced: Convergint has an established and comprehensive service program for depositories with industry-leading response metrics.

Embrace the future of banking with Convergint

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