In today’s evolving threat landscape, organizations invest significant resources in the deployment and management of physical security devices, many of them of critical value. Until now, organizations lacked the tools to verify device status, detect cyber threats, and perform necessary maintenance tasks at scale. This puts the organizations at risk, creating operational, cybersecurity, and compliance issues. Managing IoT operations at scale has become a liability for organizations, both from a cybersecurity and maintenance perspective. Convergint works with SecuriThings to help customers protect their IoT devices while improving their operational efficiency with the first IoTOps solution.

Solution: SecuriThings Horizon

SecuriThings Horizon is the first software-only solution to automate the operational management of large-scale IoT deployments. The solution provides both edge protection and predictive maintenance capabilities for IoT devices. The features of SecuriThings Horizon include:

With SecuriThings Horizon, organizations benefit from:

  • Real-time device availability, while prioritizing and focusing service tickets

  • Operational cost reductions by automating and remotely performing operational tasks

  • Investigation, analysis, and response to cyber-threats

  • Predictive maintenance by using Machine-Learning capabilities

  • Full alignment with internal compliance by scheduling and supervising maintenance tasks

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About SecuriThings

SecuriThings was established in 2016 by security and IoT experts who bring vast knowledge in embedded-systems security and deep understanding of the challenges within the IoT space. Since then, the SecuriThings’ team has grown alongside the solution capabilities, and consists of top professionals with experience in cyber security and IT operations.