Unlike Legacy PIAM systems, Next Generation PIAM such as Vector Flow, delivers high-performance, data-driven, and AI-powered identity lifecycle management that is truly automated, deployed quickly, affordable and flexible, and adaptable with the no-code rule and workflow playbooks. More than ever, physical security requires a solution that is fully automated, scalable, and flexible. Vector Flow is the answer!

In this webinar hosted by Convergint in partnership with Vector Flow, presenters discussed:

  • The role and power of data to automate the identity lifecycle.

  • Automated self-service for a superior end-user experience.

  • The importance of ongoing data reconciliation between your systems and a powerful engine for automating your important compliance and audit reporting all from the Security, Admin, IT and end-user vision.

In the recorded webinar below, watch Convergint and Vector Flow discuss data-driven, AI-powered identity lifecycle management that is truly automated, deploys quickly, and is affordable.

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