Convergint and SureView jointly presented a user-friendly suite of operational software designed to revolutionize security operations at GSX 2023 that showcased the cutting edge of security technology as part of the TechTalk series. This technology streamlines response efforts by seamlessly unifying all security systems within a single, intuitive interface.

Attendees had the unique opportunity to discover firsthand how Convergint, in partnership with SureView, enhances security operations, resulting in more streamlined responses, substantial cost savings, and improved security outcomes. Whether chosen for swift and adaptable SaaS implementations or secure on-premise configurations, SureView seamlessly integrates with existing security and business frameworks.

GSX TechTalk Takeaways:

Convergint and SureView continue to lead the way in providing innovative solutions that enhance security and streamline operations. The standout features were centralized reporting and analysis, which empowers informed decision-making through data-driven insights, putting the power of information in the hands of security professionals:

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