In today’s ever-evolving landscape, the management and optimization of intricate buildings have become increasingly challenging. Real estate professionals face multifaceted responsibilities, from addressing energy consumption and reducing carbon emissions to ensuring occupant comfort. While commercial real estate stands at the forefront of discussions about smart buildings, it’s essential to understand that the scope of this technology extends far beyond it. Retail shops, banking institutions, schools, airports, and countless other facilities can benefit from these advancements. Any user or owner who believes in the importance of a smart, innovative, efficient, and simple building should take note.

Each building, whether a commercial skyscraper or a local school, is unique in its composition and the challenges it presents. These challenges are further complicated by the fact that different building systems often communicate using their specialized languages. This fragmentation makes it challenging for professionals to effectively harness and leverage the wealth of data generated.

Convergint collaborates with KODE Labs to offer an unparalleled smart building experience through the innovative KODE Smart Building Cloud in response to these challenges. This transformative platform streamlines the management and optimization process, strongly focusing on enhancing energy efficiency, reducing carbon footprint, and simplifying building operations, regardless of the vertical market.

Through this partnership, Convergint and KODE Labs actively shape the future to empower real estate professionals and all stakeholders across various industries by effortlessly navigating the complexities of modern buildings. This collaboration represents a commitment to creating a smarter, more sustainable future where buildings, from retail spaces to airports, are optimized for efficiency, comfort, and environmental responsibility. Convergint and KODE Labs aim to redefine the paradigm of building management and pave the way for a more intelligent and sustainable world.

Problem: Traditional Building Management

Issues like isolated systems, fragmented data, and inefficiencies have persisted in the conventional realm of building management. These challenges extend to problems like energy wastage, complex equipment maintenance, and mastering various systems, highlighting the critical need for a unified, intelligent solution that enhances building performance, simplifies operations, and reduces environmental impact.

Solution: KODE’s Smart Building Cloud

The open enterprise suite simplifies building management by breaking down silos and streamlining operations. Real Estate teams can seamlessly integrate systems and devices, enabling data-driven decision-making. Through real-time analytics, automated workflows, and digital fault detection, Convergint and KODE Labs make building management smarter, sustainable, and user-friendly. Whether it’s new construction or retrofitting, the collaboration’s platform offers the tools for diverse use cases, all accessible through a unified control center in KODE OS.

  • Independent Data Layer: Data normalization and orchestration from building systems, devices, and third-party applications.

  • Remote Command & Control: Command & control setpoints for building equipment and devices, anytime, anywhere.

  • Energy Management & Optimization: Optimize energy usage through ML lead modules.

  • Digital Commissioning: Ensure optimal performance and extend the lifespan of building systems and equipment through regular commissioning of equipment.

  • Fault Detection & Diagnostics: Identify the root cause of faults and take preventive measures to eliminate them.

  • Built-in Analytics & Reporting: Produce detailed and customized reports for different purposes.

  • Ever-growing API Library: Plug & play integration of systems & devices through the continuously growing API library with over 130+ integrations available.

Results: Budget-Friendly Solution

KODE’s Smart Building Cloud delivers substantial benefits, including up to 20% annual energy savings and up to 50% annual reductions in maintenance and operational costs. This efficiency translates into a remarkably short payback period, measured in months rather than years, making it a highly cost-effective solution for smart building management.

Contact an expert today to learn how Convergint can help integrate KODE’s Smart Building Cloud to provide a highly cost-effective solution for smart building management.

About KODE Labs

Founded in Detroit, KODE Labs delivers a data-centric, intuitive, ROI-driven operating system and an unrivaled client experience that transforms how real estate is managed and experienced.

Its smart building operating system, KODE OS, utilizes a software-as-a-service (SaaS) model to standardize and optimize building performance to empower some of the smartest buildings and portfolios all over the world.

KODE Labs has been recently selected as the Best Tech Innovation in Intelligent Buildings at Realcomm IBcon 2023 and a Tech Pioneer for the Class of 2023 by the World Economic Forum.

Please see the “IMPORTANT PRODUCT SAFETY AND SERVICE INFORMATION” documentation, available at  prior to using a Convergint-installed solution.