Higher education campuses face increasing security threats along with shrinking budgets and intense pressure to cut expenses across all levels and departments. But schools still have an obligation to keep their campuses safe. At the same time, each school has its own set of unique requirements and security challenges, requiring flexible system architectures that satisfy today’s demands while providing the foundation to meet future needs. And, unfortunately, many higher education campuses are still using outdated and vulnerable security systems.

Outdated Technology Vulnerabilities

Personal identification numbers (PINs) used by older keypad readers are easily shared. Legacy technologies, such as magnetic stripe (magstripe) and low-frequency proximity technology, are vulnerable to cloning (record and replay). Both of these popular technologies afford virtually no security protection. Today inexpensive, off-the-shelf devices that can copy and clone identity cards with these vulnerable technologies are widely available. The truth is, that it’s frighteningly easy to steal identity data off of credentials with outdated technology.

Convergint, partnered with HID Global, can help campuses eliminate these vulnerabilities using Seos® credential technology. Now, more than ever, is the time to move from antiquated technology to newer, more secure solutions that address student safety and the desire for a single, secure identity to help navigate campus life. 

Seos High Security Credential Technology

Seos, developed by HID Global, is a highly secure, microprocessor-based credential technology that offers both the security and flexibility that today’s campus environment requires. Seos enables identity data to be securely placed on a variety of form factors, including mobile devices. It also allows for smart credentials and devices to richly interact with smart locks, readers, network login and extended access through third-party technologies like printers and vending machines.

Strict adherence to best practices for data protection and widely reviewed open standards ensure excellence in design. Its unique, layered security approach to key management, mutual authentication, and secure messaging ensures a high degree of data privacy and security.

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Decades-old credential technology is no longer enough to meet the needs of today’s higher education campuses. Today’s schools require higher levels of security, data privacy and the flexibility to be used for more than one application. 

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