The Chattanooga Tennessee Police Department (CPD) has had great success with the CrimeEye video surveillance solution deployed by Total Recall Corporation. Just this month, CPD was able to apprehend a murder suspect within 30 minutes of the crime using video footage provided by the CrimeEye unit.

“The investment in technology and community policing efforts led to a swift identification of the suspect.”

~ CPD Police Information Officer Trevor Thomas

Officer Thomas reported that at 6:56 p.m. on April 15, police received notification of a shooting and homicide in the 900 block of Dodson Avenue. Investigators quickly obtained video footage from a CrimeEye camera that was operating in the area of the crime. Using that video information, CPD officers were able to arrest Deontae Talley within 30 minutes of the initial call. Talley was charged with criminal homicide and unlawful possession of a weapon.

CPD first installed Total Recall CrimeEye RD-2 video surveillance units in 2017. The CrimeEye RD-2 is a turnkey, self-contained camera unit which incorporates all the components necessary for effective public safety video monitoring, including a best-in-class HDTV camera, pole mount, emergency battery backup, optional local network video recorder, and WiFi. There are additional CrimeEye options to help law enforcement tailor a video solution to their needs, including 180-degree cameras and automatic license plate readers.

CPD’s Strategic Approach to Camera Placement

The Chattanooga solution has since grown to include dozens of CrimeEye RD-2 units placed strategically throughout the city in areas identified as most likely to experience crime. CPD will soon be adding another five CrimeEye RD-2 video units to their deployment. Video footage is recorded 24/7 and is also monitored at the CPD Real Time Intelligence Center (RTIC).

CPD has used footage from a CrimeEye unit to solve many crimes, including this high-profile crime in August of 2017. Just three months after CrimeEye units were installed in Chattanooga, CPD was able to solve the July 2017 homicide of Chattanooga resident Desmond Clay. To investigate that crime, CPD retrieved video footage of the victim’s car recorded by an outdoor CrimeEye video unit. This evidence helped to identify the suspect and resulted in his arrest.

“Total Recall designed our CrimeEye units to help law enforcement and cities reliably record high-quality video to quickly and efficiently aid in investigating, prosecuting, and preventing crime,” said Jordan Heilweil, Total Recall President of Sales. “We are grateful to hear that our solutions are helping the Chattanooga Police Department improve public safety.”

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