The Convergint SLED team and Axis Communications are actively reshaping the definition of smart cities to meet the dynamic needs of contemporary urban living, catalyzed by the transformative shift driven by global changes, particularly the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020. Leading the charge in redefining smart cities to be adaptive and resilient, Convergint and Axis collaboratively position themselves as architects of a future where cities thrive by staying ahead of emerging challenges.

About the solution

City living faces a multitude of challenges, prompting a reassessment of traditional smart city ideals. The past year’s events have underscored the urgency for city authorities to act swiftly and adaptively. The conventional definition of a smart city, rooted in data-driven optimization, may fall short of comprehensively addressing the depth and scope of challenges that lie ahead. Convergint and Axis, however, bring innovative solutions to the forefront, redefining smart cities with cutting-edge technology.

System solutions & benefits

To address these challenges, Convergint and Axis have identified three core focus areas for cities to navigate uncertainties

  • Public safety: Extending beyond crime to encompass health concerns, this demands advanced technologies for crowd management and emergency response.

  • Urban mobility: This area requires innovative solutions for efficient transportation, enhanced safety, and reduced environmental impact.

  • Environmental monitoring: As cities expand, putting strain on ecosystems, Convergint and Axis offer a comprehensive suite of smart technologies as the first line of defense to minimize and monitor environmental impacts.

System results

Convergint and Axis are reshaping the smart city landscape, offering cutting-edge technology and expertise. This partnership empowers cities to adapt, collaborate, and thrive, promising a future where the quality of urban life takes precedence. Redefining smart cities, Convergint and Axis pave the way for adaptive, resilient, and prosperous urban futures. Their transformative approach seamlessly integrates technology with the well-being of city inhabitants, marking a significant step towards a smarter, more resilient, and prosperous urban environment.

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About Axis Communications

Axis enables a smarter and safer world by creating solutions for improving security and business performance. As a network technology company and industry leader, Axis offers solutions in video surveillance, access control, intercom, and audio systems. They are enhanced by intelligent analytics applications and supported by high-quality training.

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