Convergint colleagues took part in Convergint Social Responsibility Day on the 10th of June 2022. German colleagues spent the day working on a project in a local area. Colleagues supported Wildpark Alte Fasanerie, a wildlife park with wolves, wild boars, farm animals, forest hikes, and rope trails in Hanau.

Wildpark Alte Fasanerie is a wildlife park founded in 1710, originally as a hunting ground that existed until the end of World War I. Alte Fasanerie was opened to the public in 1967 and is run by a team of eleven people who take care of more than 350 animals and organise a large number of events annually. The park is home to bison, lynxes, elks, red foxes, wildcats, and a number of other species.

Convergint’s team of 28 started the day by getting an overview of the park from three forest rangers, who showed them the animals they would help by volunteering. The team then got a tour of the park and a brief history and the importance it has for the local community.

The team’s task for the day was to build deadwood and stone piles for the animal. These would provide the animals with a shelter to live and relax in. Everyone was split up and assigned to their own smaller groups, where they would gather old wood and assembly it carefully. This was to ensure there was enough space and stability for the animal to live comfortability.

Two of the forest rangers cut down dead trees so the team could use the wood as part of the piles for the animal shelters. Once the team finished creating 12 shelters for the local animal, the colleagues went on a hike and got to get close and personal to wolves, lynx, and otters.

Highlights from CSRD in Germany

About Convergint Social Responsibility Day

Convergint was built on a solid foundation of Values and Beliefs. These values and beliefs focus on Convergint’s commitment to customers, colleagues and their families, and communities. One of these values—“we believe in balanced lives”—supports Convergint’s belief that it is important for all colleagues to balance their time, energy, and commitments across families, business, and communities. This belief empowers Convergint colleagues to act generously and responsibly to the people and world around them.

Convergint has created a culture of giving, a culture that is central to success as an organization. Not only does Convergint give to local communities all throughout the year, but Convergint also take it to the next level with a yearly Social Responsibility Day. Each year in June, Convergint shuts down operations for a full workday in order to allow colleagues to go into their communities and contribute to those in need.