Convergint’s greatest strength is its people, with the company’s success hinging on a deep commitment to the continuous development of its colleagues. One of Convergint’s most deeply-held Values and Beliefs is: I am accountable to my continuous development—a better me is a better Convergint. In keeping with this value the Convergint Ireland team joined Abloy’s Foundations Course. The Foundations Course is aimed at installers, security managers, lock centres, end users, and specifiers.  The course:

  • Covers the majority of standards applicable to door sets from hinges to door selectors in simple to understand chunks.

  • Helps the team to understand the needs of a door from its location within the building and the use that the door is subject to.

  • Teaches individuals to recognise “Fire Doors”, particularly now that the Constructions Product Regulations dictate the use of Fire Tested hardware.

  • Allows Convergint colleagues to understand the escape risks and regulations applicable to public buildings, i.e. non-residential. 

Completing the Abloy Foundations course and engaging in continuous development allows Convergint Ireland colleagues to provide customers with the assurance that they are receiving expert advice and service from trained professionals. By having the necessary skills and knowledge, Convergint’s dedicated experts can provide efficient, reliable, and secure locking solutions to protect customers’ assets and ensure peace of mind.

Event highlights

“I enjoyed attending the Abloy Academy’s Mini Foundations. The day was very insightful, and I look forward to continuing our relationship with Abloy to provide solutions for our customers and be our customers’ best service provider.

~Amy O’Reilly, Account Executive, Convergint 

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