Convergint Technologies is committed to providing the tools, training, and programs so that all projects and service calls are completed without incidents or injuriesThe Golden Hardhat Award was started seven years ago in 2012. In order to qualify for the Golden Hardhat Award, a Convergint Technology Center (CTC) has to go one full calendar year with a zero-total-recordable injury rate. The winners are given a plaque that lists their name and the number of safe hours worked for that year.

Below is a list of CTCs who were injury free for multiple years as of December 31, 2019. 

Convergint Technology Center Safe Hours Worked in 2019
Arkansas 14,515
Austin, TX 126,273
Bakersfield, CA 8,324
Charleston, SC 125,472
Cincinnati, OH 218,748
Cleveland, OH 29,867
Clifton, NJ 89,758
Columbus, OH 61,004
Denver, CO 207,344
Des Moines, IA 77,211
Detroit, MI 12,089
Greenville, SC 20,453
Houston, TX 22,269
Indianapolis, IN 14,634
Jacksonville, FL 17,539
Kansas City, MO 13,273
Los Angeles, CA 293,999
Louisiana 110,910
Memphis, TN 13,388
Miami, FL 84,186
Milwaukee, WI 13,787
Minnesota 108,292
Minnesota Banking 179,748
Nashville, TN 65,669
Nevada 8,352
New Jersey 46,508
New Mexico 12,345
New York 147,045
Newport News, VA 21,445
Oklahoma City, OK 59,082
Orlando, FL 62,244
Philadelphia, PA 26,390
Phoenix, AZ 39,113
Pineville, NC 12,235
Pittsburgh, PA 42,852
Portland, OR 206,809
Raleigh, NC 43,876
Richmond, VA 88,213
San Antonio, TX 73,430
San Diego, CA 20,274
San Francisco, CA 200,962
St. Louis, MO 25,353
Tampa, FL 67,539
Total Recall 70,339
Tulsa, OK 54,586
Waco, TX 1,945
Washington DC 114,110
West Texas 15,014
Wichita, KS 31,334
Total Safe Hours Worked in 2019


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