Large power transformers (LPTs) play a pivotal role in maintaining the resilience of the electricity grid, efficiently transmitting electricity across vast networks. According to the Government Accountability Office (GAO), several challenges hinder the availability of LPTs, including supply chain constraints, long manufacturing lead times, limited manufacturing capacity, and the prohibitive costs of purchasing and transporting transformers. These challenges are exacerbated by factors such as labor and material shortages, making it difficult for utilities to maintain an adequate reserve of spare transformers. The high cost of LPTs, which can reach up to $10 million, poses a significant barrier to some utilities in keeping spares.

Recognizing the challenges confronted by utilities companies in securing LPT availability and fortifying grid resilience, Convergint’s utilities team proactively responds with tailored solutions. Addressing specific supply chain constraints and operational challenges, the team adopts a customized and effective approach to enhance overall grid resilience. These solutions include protection and monitoring of the transformers through the use of physical barriers including customized ballistic shielding or through technology such as gunshot detection and temperature monitoring through special cameras.

As one of the rare security integration teams exclusively devoted to the utilities sector, Convergint delivers high-security protective strategies, meticulous program implementation, and comprehensive solutions. This singular focus empowers the team to drive operational efficiencies within the industrial utility market, incorporating a profound understanding of regulatory compliance requirements. Convergint’s commitment extends to deploying a layered design, ensuring optimal performance and functionality in securing critical infrastructure.

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