As the cannabis industry continues to evolve, it grapples with significant challenges related to theft and diversion. Despite limited statistics, the increasing market value of controlled substances, including cannabis, underscores the genuine threat faced by businesses.

Dispensary and grower theft

Instances of theft, ranging from armed robberies to overnight invasions, highlight the vulnerability of dispensaries and growers to criminal activities. Convergint stresses the importance of learning from other sectors, particularly the pharmaceutical industry, which has long confronted similar threats associated with Schedule I and II narcotics.

To address theft concerns, Convergint recommends implementing precautionary measures:

Dispensary and grower diversion

While theft grabs media attention, Convergint points out that the issue of diversion often goes under the radar. Industry experts estimate that employee theft accounts for a significant portion of financial and product loss, making it a critical concern for businesses. Convergint suggests the following strategies to reduce diversion:

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Convergint encourages cannabis industry players to prioritize both theft and diversion prevention by adopting a comprehensive approach that combines secure storage protocols, cash handling practices, video surveillance, access control, and physical security measures. By learning from the experiences of other industries, businesses can fortify their defenses and contribute to the long-term sustainability and security of the growing cannabis market. Contact an expert today to learn how Convergint’s comprehensive security solutions can provide a safe and secure healthcare environment for cannabis dispensaries, growers, and processors.