Building exterior from the ground up

Convergint Technologies provides complete HVAC/Energy Management control systems for your facility. Whether its comfort, specialized environmental control or energy efficiency Convergint Technologies will work with you to define and provide the best in class solutions and services to meet your requirements. We maintain strong relationships with leading technology partners to provide a choice of best in class solutions. From a solution as simple as networked electronic thermostats to complex integrated open protocol energy management systems, Convergint Technologies provides you with the products and services necessary to operate your facility efficiently.

HVAC Control Systems

Mechanical systems and equipment require some form of automatic control to operate effectively in your building. In turn, the mechanical equipment control is integrated with the energy management system to provide a holistic approach to controlling the operating conditions within the building envelope while optimizing energy usage. Convergint Technologies has the technical and application expertise to provide mechanical equipment control solutions that meet your requirements, from the simplest to the most complex facilities.

Energy Management Systems

We recognize that one of the largest operating costs in any facility is energy. Through integration of mechanical equipment, lighting control and other large energy consumption systems and the development and implementation of optimization control strategies and detailed reporting, Convergint Technologies can provide the solutions and applications to efficiently operate your facility. Post installation service will assure your system continues to operate at the design criteria.

Lighting Control

Lighting control in any facility is very important whether it is simple time scheduled on/off control or more complex control strategies including integration with your building security access control system. Convergint Technologies provides you with the ability to control your interior and exterior lighting systems to provide the proper lighting levels when they are needed and turn the lights off when they are not. All of which can help you reduce your energy consumption while providing you with the proper level of safety.

Open Protocols

Convergint Technologies’ relationships with leading technology partners and support of multiple open protocols such as LonWorks®, BACNet®, and Modbus® allows us to provide you choices of best-in-class solutions. Using a variety of open protocols, we are able to integrate multiple non-proprietary systems to provide a solution tailored to your needs while avoiding sole source dependency, ensuring long-term system flexibility and maintaining cost effectiveness.

Critical Environmental Control

Convergint Technologies provides control solutions for critical environments that require precise control, alarming capabilities and extensive documentation. From lab environments to centralized server rooms that require tight control of temperature, pressure, humidity Convergint Technologies has the knowledge to provide the systems and equipment required to maintain a precise environment. Our scheduled preventative maintenance visits will ensure your space continues to operate within the design parameters.

Indoor Air Quality

Maintaining the proper indoor air quality is very important to the people occupying a facility. We have the knowledge and experience to design and install a system which maintains the balance between comfort, air quality and energy consumption. Our solutions and reporting focus on proper ventilation levels, filtration, humidity control and temperature control in order to produce a healthy environment. Scheduled service visits will help you maintain the designed environment.

Hazardous Gas Monitoring

Convergint Technologies provides systems to monitor hazardous gas levels in areas such as parking facilities, mechanical rooms, storage areas and laboratories. Control strategies are developed to properly ventilate a space and maintain a safe environment. System reporting will provide verification the design criteria are being met on a daily basis.


Convergint Technologies provides control products and solutions that will meet the LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) requirements for any facility. Having the capability of integrating other building systems gives the owner the ability to control the facility from one central system, maintain a building that is safe, secure, comfortable and energy efficient. Ongoing service will ensure your building operates within the LEED guidelines.


Recognized as North America’s System Integrator of the Year, Convergint designs, installs and services the most reliable and comprehensive security solutions for organizations of all sizes. We offer only best-of-breed technologies from the industry’s leading manufacturers and seamlessly integrate them to ensure the safety of the people, property, and assets you protect.