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In Canada, Convergint Technologies provides a wide range of services and solutions to improve the energy efficiency and sustainability of non-residential facilities. Working with you we develop a strategy and implementation plan to reduce energy consumption that will reduce your energy costs and carbon footprint. Solutions can range from utility bill analysis through energy audits to energy retrofit projects and commissioning. For more information on our full range of Facility Efficiency Services, please contact your local Convergint Technologies representative today.

Utility Bill Analysis

Utility Bill Analysis, often one of the first steps in an energy management survey and program, provides valuable information on where a facility is using excess energy. By comparing your building’s utility usage to similar buildings, we can help to zero in on where excess energy is being consumed. Convergint can provide detailed analysis and customized reports based on historical utility bills. Taking this information as part of developing a holistic energy plan we can begin to define specific solutions to address excess usage.

Real Time Metering Systems

Having continuous real time logs of a building’s utility usage is critical information for determining how best to reduce and control energy consumption. Such information is used to determine where excess energy is consumed, monitor the results of any energy efficiency measurement implementation and ensure that the initial energy savings are maintained. Convergint has solutions for monitoring existing utility meters as well as installing complete metering systems, either stand alone or integrated into your building management system.

Energy Audit and Reporting

An Energy Audit is used to analyze how your building uses energy and provide solutions to reduce its energy consumption. They can vary from simple walk-through audits (ASHRAE Level 1), that give indicative savings and solutions, to detailed audits (ASHRAE Level 3) that examine all aspects of a facility’s mechanical and electrical systems and result in comprehensive efficiency measures. Convergint has the ability to complete all levels of energy audits and provide detailed, customized reports of our findings.

Energy Project Management

Skilled and experienced project management is the key to the successful implementation of energy retrofit projects. Often, the customer does not have the expertise to manage projects as complex as energy retrofit projects. Having a third party provide overall management, acting as the customer’s representative, can be an effective way to complete an energy retrofit project. Convergint has the expertise to provide project management services for energy retrofit projects.

Lighting Design and Retrofit

One of the most common energy efficiency measures is to upgrade or replace existing lighting. This can range from simple replacement of fluorescent lamps and ballasts to comprehensive lighting system re-design using the latest technology. Convergint Technologies provides lighting retrofit services including lighting audits, project evaluation, lighting design, project management and turn-key lighting retrofit projects.

Measurement and Verification

Once an energy retrofit project is underway, it becomes imperative that a Measurement and Verification plan is put into place to ensure that the proposed energy savings are achieved when the energy efficiency measures are complete. As well, this type of plan can help to maintain the energy savings long after the project has been finished and will improve your company’s sustainability. Although there are a number of ways this can be achieved, the measurement and verification plan that is put into place is matched with your energy savings plan to ensure the planned savings are being met. Providing these services, from the initial utility usage baseline through to the ongoing measurement and verification reports, is a part of Convergint’s Facility Efficiency Services offering.

Commissioning Services

Commissioning is the process of ensuring that a building’s systems are designed, installed, tested, and capable of being operated and maintained according to the customer’s operational requirements. Commissioning is normally completed during the construction of a new building; however, the same basic concepts can be applied to an existing building. Re-commissioning and continuous optimization are used to ensure that existing building systems perform efficiently as originally intended and meet the current operating requirements and expectations of the building owner and tenants. Re-commissioning is normally part of any comprehensive energy retrofit project. Commissioning, re-commissioning and continuous optimization are all part of the services that Convergint can bring to its customers.


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