Apple is revolutionizing the access control market, introducing the ability to integrate employee badges into Apple Wallet. This directly eliminates the need for physical access cards, and enables employees to gain entry to their workplace by simply tapping their iPhone or Apple Watch on a reader.

These mobile badges make the process more convenient for employees and enhances workplace security through multi-factor authentication. The interest around this innovative technology is growing and many organizations are already making the switch—streamlining the process of accessing facilities and strengthening security.

Employee badges in Apple Wallet, powered by the CloudGate platform, are a convenient and secure way to control physical access at the workplace. Convergint partners with Soloinsight to offer this platform—an advances security workflow automation solution that integrates multiple access control systems and offers interoperability between HR, IT, Security, Facility, HLS, and other departments. CloudGate streamlines the process of provisioning employee badges in Apple Wallet and provides real-time monitoring and customizable access privileges This partnership enables organizations to improve security, employee experience, and drive efficiency.

The benefits of implementing Digital Badges in Apple Wallet

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Convergint, partnering with Soloinsight offers a convenient, environmentally friendly solution that streamlines access control for employees. Contact a security expert today to learn more about this comprehensive solution.