In today’s fast-paced world, cities face an array of security challenges across various verticals within their campuses, from police departments and fire departments to municipalities and more. Each site possesses its unique set of criteria, policies, and schedules, making it increasingly complex to manage security effectively. However, with Convergint’s partnership with Gallagher, cities are now equipped with a groundbreaking solution that not only streamlines their security infrastructure but also enhances their overall safety and efficiency.

The challenge: diverse security needs

Cities are often vast and diverse, with security needs that can range from managing as few as 14 doors to overseeing a sprawling network of over 2,000 entry points. This diversity can prove to be difficult for state and local governments. Each site may require different security protocols, and the challenge lies in unifying these disparate elements into a cohesive security system. Without an integrated approach, cities are left with a fragmented and inefficient security infrastructure that leaves them vulnerable to threats.

The solution: Gallagher’s Command Centre

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