Alabama Master Agreement Contract MA 220000003228

Contract Information

All Alabama state, city, and county public entities may utilize this contract to procure turnkey solutions including system design support, competitive pricing, purchasing items directly from vendors, equipment from various manufacturers offered under contract, reasonable standards, emergency response times, and rates, and 24/7/365 support.

Alabama Statewide Master Agreement Number: 220000003228

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Contact Information

Contact for Contract Administration
Jeff Holland
Phone: (205) 259-7360
[email protected]

Contact for A Qquote or Sales Inquiries
Chris Wise
Phone: (205) 259-8687
[email protected]

Price Lists


Convergint provides the following warranty to the Customer: For the period of one (1) year, commencing at the earlier of substantial completion of the Work, or first beneficial use, (“Warranty Period”):

a. That Work performed under this Agreement will be of good quality;
b. That all equipment will be new unless otherwise required or permitted by this Agreement;
c. That the Work will be free from defects not inherent in the quality required or permitted; and
d. That the Work will conform to the requirements of this Agreement.

The Customer’s sole remedy for any breach of this warranty is that Convergint shall remove, replace and/or repair at its own expense any defective or improper Work, discovered within the Warranty Period, provided Convergint is notified in writing of any defect within the Warranty Period.

For product return inquiries please contact the designated contact for order fulfillment listed in “Ordering” above.