Genea and Convergint teamed up to introduce the future of access control technology by migrating dated systems to the cloud. See how global enterprises, commercial real estate portfolios, and others are saving time and driving efficiency with 100% cloud-based access control that runs on non-proprietary, Mercury-based hardware.

The live panel featured discussion topics including:

  • How cloud-based software allows for remote management

  • Improving reporting and safe workplace through automation

  • The benefits of Mercury-based, non-proprietary hardware combined with an intuitive, user-friendly global dashboard

  • Genea’s out-of-the-box integration for visitor, video, and identity management, as well as built-in mobile credentialing

In the recorded webinar below, learn from top security and technology experts as they discuss how to remotely manage global security, automate user provisioning, unite security systems with out-of-the-box integrations like Meraki, Okta, and Azure, and more.

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