Convergint Women Connect focuses on connecting the women of Convergint Nation to inspire them, support them, and develop their leadership mentality. This group offers the chance for Convergint to become a stronger company through the benefits gained by developing and leveraging the power of Convergint’s women colleagues. To support this mission, Convergint Women Connect recently hosted CWC NOW: A Virtual Leadership Event featuring interactive workshops and panel discussions, as well as a conversation on Inclusion & Diversity.

In this interview, Convergint’s Vice President of Inclusion & Diversity Yaruba Tate talks with colleague Katy Caneus about the importance of I&D at Convergint, initiatives of the I&D council, and opportunities of an inclusive workplace.

Discussion on Inclusion & Diversity with Yaruba Tate and Katy Caneus

The Value of I&D at Convergint

“The ultimate goal is to get all the voices to the table and leverage those unique perspectives for innovation and developing solutions to the challenges we face.”

~Yaruba Tate, Vice President of I&D, Convergint Technologies

Originally Recorded for CWC NOW

CWC NOW, held on February 23, 2021, gave the women of Convergint the opportunity to network, partake in colleague development, discuss the importance of women in security, and reflect on the significant role women play in Convergint’s success.

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