Convergint strives to foster a supportive, accessible, and inclusive environment in which individuals of different backgrounds and identities are able to realize their maximum potential within the company. To do this, Convergint took the important step last year of initiating an Inclusion & Diversity council. The council serves as a communication channel through which all colleagues will be able to express ideas as they relate to inclusion and diversity issues, as well as ensuring Convergint’s strategic action plans align with I&D objectives.

Vice President of Inclusion & Diversity Yaruba Tate today announced that the council has been updated with six new members dedicated to Convergint’s I&D initiatives. This annual refresh of councilmembers is an important reflection of Convergint’s commitment to ensuring diverse perspectives and voices brought onto the team to review the company’s programs, policies, and initiatives as they relate to Inclusion & Diversity. 

“It is important for us to update our council membership yearly to ensure we are adding new and diverse perspectives to the group as our company continues to grow and evolve. Adding new members to the Inclusion & Diversity council enables us to learn from people with unique backgrounds and experiences, and ultimately allows for us to foster the inclusive and equitable workplace we strive for.”

-Yaruba Tate, VP, Inclusion & Diversity, Convergint

Learn more about the Inclusion & Diversity Council members below.

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