In some places along the Gulf Coast, Hurricane Harvey has dumped more than 50 inches of rain, shattering storm records and leaving a trail of destruction in its wake. Tens of thousands of people have been affected by the damage wrought by the devastating storm. 

These recent events have shown how strong the local area and its citizens are—a strength which will no doubt continue to shine through as the area begins the process of rebuilding and recovery. And Convergint colleagues are standing by to be a part of that process. They are mobilized and ready to bring their unique expertise to helping local businesses resume their operations in order to provide their services to their community.

Convergint has the resources to assist organizations in the hurricane impact zone as soon as possible. To provide immediate service and a quick turn-around for critical sites, Convergint Technology Centers in Houston and the region have mobilized the following resources:

  • Fire & Security Panels 

  • Fire & Security Sensors 

  • Server & Network Hardware 

  • Cameras & Card Readers

  • Spare Batteries

  • Cabling & Connectors 

  • Testing & Inspection Equipment 

  • Service Trucks & Cargo Vans

  • Project & Installation Teams

  • Service & Maintenance Teams

Edwards/EST Response Team

One of the most crucial elements to allowing Houston and Gulf Coast businesses to resume business will be ensuring that every location has a working fire alarm & life safety system in the wake of the destruction—both in order to meet compliance needed for resume operations, as well as to keep their staff and customers safe from fire threats. Convergint is ready to help with this as well. Convergint is the largest Edwards/EST partner in the United States spending millions annually on fire training and certifications for our colleagues. Convergint’s fire & life safety experts in Houston and the surrounding communities are prepared to assist with all Edwards/EST needs.

  • Local EST-3 & Fireworks Trained Specialists

  • Site Survey & Evaluations

  • System Design & AutoCAD

  • Turnkey Installation

  • Technical Service, Maintenance, & Support

  • Extended Warranties

  • Stocked Inventory & Replacement Parts

Edwards United Technologies Logo

How Contract Vehicles Can Help

Contract vehicles are one of the most important tools you can leverage in a chaotic situation such as recovery from a tragedy like Harvey. By utilizing Convergint’s contract vehicles, you can rest assured that you are receiving fair, pre-negotiated rates backed by national buying power. Convergint holds many contract vehicles which help to simplify the procurement process to make your life easier and give you pricing protection during a time when you need it most.  Learn more here.

Local Services & Support

With a culture of integrity, accountability, and excellence, Convergint is committed to being your best service provider. Below is a short list of services we can provide to the Houston and Gulf Coast area in order to protect critical assets: