Traka and Convergint share a similar vision in delivering intelligent and effective solutions to any organization seeking security, safety, and efficiency. As a leading integrator, Convergint partners with best-in-class technology partners to offer comprehensive, cost-effective total solutions. In order to provide even more reach, more value, and more control to their customers, Convergint partners with Traka, the global leader in key and asset management solutions.

What if the physical keys and sensitive assets important to your business could be used as a tool to drive critical processes, increase accountability, enforce safety protocols, maximize visibility, and more? This is the value that an integrated Traka management solution can bring to an organization in any industry. Beyond just protecting keys and assets, Traka and Convergint take a consultative approach in finding a unique management strategy for every organization.

Through their innovative software-controlled key cabinets and intelligent lockers, Traka systems provide easy access to protected items for authorized users only. By automating the distribution and collection of keys and assets, a business can experience an immediate reduction in administration, leading to a fast return on investment. Every user and item transaction is recorded, which generates total accountability, more responsible staff usage, and complete visibility for the utilization of protected items.

Convergint and Traka can essentially bridge the gap in many security strategies, offering centralized management of facility and equipment keys, vendor badges, fleet vehicles, laptops, tablets, radios, weapons, specialized devices, and more. With smart integrations, these assets can be easily managed from an existing central security desk, providing visibility to all items and user activity in the form of notifications and alarms. Want to be instantly notified anytime someone accesses a grand master key, or hasn’t returned a sensitive item on time? The partnership between Convergint and Traka provide this and so much more.

Convergint and Traka Integration Partners

When developing a comprehensive security strategy for a growing organization, it’s important to choose technology that is reliable, scalable, and customizable. With Traka’s strength in these areas, their solutions are just as effective as a dedicated standalone system as they are when deployed globally as part of an enterprise-level security plan. The browser-based Traka web software can manage thousands of cabinets and lockers from a single location, yet offer the regionalization needed to meet any organization’s need.

When a business chooses Convergint and Traka to help manage their keys and assets, it can expect to see significant improvements in three main areas – productivity, accountability, and liability. More intelligently managing important assets and controlling the processes associated with them achieves heightened productivity. By restricting and monitoring all access to key and assets, users are held completely accountable for their actions. And by creating a controlled and automated management environment, items become less of a liability and more of a tool to drive the processes that drive your business.

With a joint dedication to service, Convergint and Traka seek to build customers for life – from the initial consultation, through deployment, and continuing with world-class technical support. Convergint prides itself in being your best service provider. Let our Convergint and Traka partnership prove that to your business. Contact Convergint to learn more about this unique asset management system.

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