Safety is one of Convergint’s highest priorities and a key element of its company culture. In keeping with Convergint’s Values & Beliefs, it is the organization’s greatest responsibility to ensure colleagues and customers are safe as the company transitions back to shared workspaces. Convergint is taking all precautions necessary and is asking for all colleagues to be engaged in helping to manage and minimize exposure.

There are two categories of change that will need to occur in Convergint Technology Centers (CTCs) as they reopen. Environmental changes include mitigations such as increased airflow, changing HVAC filters, and enhanced cleaning regimes. Behavioral changes require the workforce to do things differently, such as applying strict clear desk policies to ensure workstations can be cleaned and social distancing respected within the workplace. With the help of training, and most importantly communication, Convergint hopes to speed up the adaption of these behavioral changes, as Convergint’s top priority is the well-being of colleagues, customers, and contractors.

To determine if colleagues are fit for duty for the day, filling out a survey is required by every colleague each day before beginning work. Colleagues also carry around a fit for duty card as a promise of commitment to safety. Each colleague has to practice the following:

  • Complete fit-for-duty assessment

  • Perform pre-job risk assessments

  • Practice good personal hygiene

  • Maintain proper COVID-19 PPE

  • Practice social distancing

  • Sanitize vehicles and work equipment

The agility and adaptability of Convergint is a strength and differentiator, and it enables Convergint to use opportunities like this one to further the growth and development of our company and culture. Our ability to continually focus on our colleagues, customers, and communities, as well as to embrace evolving technology and adapt to market needs are critical.

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