Convergint strives to become the most equitable and inclusive global service provider by leveraging diverse talent and creating a culture where all colleagues can achieve their maximum potential. To help achieve these goals, Convergint’s Inclusion & Diversity (I&D) council has established the Allyship Initiative. This initiative aims to educate colleagues, activate allyship, and foster discussion amongst colleagues around diversity. Phase one of the Allyship Initiative focuses on educating colleagues through a four-course training series on cross-cultural considerations.

In this video, Convergint I&D council member Ashley Hernandez introduces the new Allyship Initiative program.

Allyship Initiative

The mission of the Allyship Initiative is to create change for colleagues, enabling them to openly discuss matters of diversity and learn about each other’s backgrounds. Over time, the initiative will expand to include additional content and programs to support Convergint’s commitment to fostering and embracing an inclusive environment.

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