Convergint strives to foster a supportive, accessible, and inclusive environment in which individuals of different backgrounds and identities are able to realize their maximum potential within the company. Convergint recognizes that Inclusion & Diversity (I&D) create many opportunities for colleagues, along with establishing competitive advantages for the company. As Convergint continues to evolve, hiring and bringing in a more diverse, talented workforce will enable the company to continue achieving growth milestones.

In keeping with Convergint’s commitment to ensuring the company is a diverse and equitable place for all colleagues, leaders across the globe have been participating in a Diverse Hiring Practices training. This initiative, led by Vice President of Inclusion & Diversity Yaruba Tate, aimed to improve hiring practices across the company as a way to reinforce alignment with Convergint’s I&D principles. The training was meant to be collaborative, and colleagues engaged in the training were to leave with action items from each session intended to leverage in order to make change throughout the entire organization’s hiring process. 

“This diversity training allows our colleagues to look through different lenses and understand that there are other ways to approach hiring. All candidates don’t have to be the same, and the differences in our candidate pool make us stronger. This is what sets us apart from everyone else. The more diverse we are, the better we position ourselves to expand our business into new arenas.

Our leaders are tasked with establishing new leaders at every level. It is easy to exclude, to leave people out, and to just go with what you’ve done in the past. It can be hard to cultivate a culture where people with different backgrounds work together. But we gain strength when we have leaders who believe in Inclusion & Diversity at every level of business.”

~Ryan Williams, Director of Learning & Development, Convergint Technologies

Diverse Hiring Practices Training

The training sessions, hosted by Guardian Quest, aimed to improve hiring practices across Convergint by making diversity a consideration at each stage of the hiring life cycle. Colleagues first joined as a group to test their knowledge on diverse organizations and barriers to inclusive hiring practices. Then, they broke into small groups discussing the unique and actionable three-step approach to challenging implicit hiring bias to help build a more diverse hiring plan.

“The training was very interactive, and breakout sessions served as an effective method for colleagues to rally around developing innovative talent acquisition strategies. For us, this training was not just putting a check in a box. It inspired strategic innovation that we intend to leverage. I am excited to announce that several outputs from these collaborative training sessions are actively being used to revise our job posting content and create a more diverse and equitable hiring process.”

~Yaruba Tate, Vice President of Inclusion & Diversity, Convergint Technologies

About Guardian Quest

Guardian Quest is a leading provider of groundbreaking, transformational leadership, organizational development, and diversity education with expertise in coaching, consulting, and experiential learning.