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Convergint Technologies designs, installs, and services seamlessly integrated financial security solutions. Security for financial institutions must provide the highest level of protection, without fail. Some examples include video management systems and identity management. Convergint Technologies partners with the best vendors to ensure what you want to stay secure.

Serving single-site customers, as well as those with a global multi-site footprint, Convergint will design a solution to meet both your current needs as well as your future growth plans. Most importantly, Convergint provides a wide array of professional services to ensure your investment is protected and continues to operate as originally designed.

Our Services

Convergint Technologies is a global organization that designs, installs, and services integrated building systems. Delivering value through unparalleled customer service and consistent operational excellence is paramount at Convergint Technologies. Convergint, the largest independent integrator in the world, was founded on a set of core Values & Beliefs that have fostered  a culture dedicated to service in every way – to customers, colleagues, and local communities. Daily commitment to these values is one key reason why customers choose to do business with Convergint Technologies.

Offering a wide array of services…

  • Site Survey & Evaluations
  • System Design & AutoCAD
  • Turnkey Installation
  • Technical Service, Maintenance, & Support
  • Extended Warranties
  • Stocked Inventory & Replacement Parts
  • Software & Support Agreements

Global Locations


Video Surveillance

Video Management Systems 

License Plate Recognition 

Behavioral Analytics

Video Synopsis Technology

Event Management 

IP Video

HDTV Cameras

Panoramic Cameras

Specialty Cameras

Low-Light Cameras

Thermal Cameras


IP Networks

Fiber Networks

Wireless Mesh

Wireless Point-to-Point

Microwave Link Networks

Video Surveillance

Network Video Recorders (NVRs)

Network Switches

Racks and Enclosures

Security Consoles

Video Display Walls

Organizational Risk Reduction

Create & Manage Employee Credentials

Track Visitors with Workflow & Policies 

Design, Create, & Print Badges

Validate Against Do-Not-Admit List  

Regulation & Compliance

Track Visitors with Workflow & Policies 

Create Comprehensive Reports 

Map Enterprise Roles to Physical Areas 

Enforce Uniform Policies Across All Facilities 

Operational Efficiency

Manage All On-Boarding 

Enable Pre-Registration 

Provide Self-Service Visitor Requests 

Automate Visitor Access Approval 

Grant Rapid Check-In & Check Out 

Enterprise Integration

Eliminate Gaps Between Logical & Physical Identities 

Provision Stand-Alone Kiosks

Manage Multiple Facilities & Departments

Integrate with HR & ERP Systems 

Multiple Vendor & Contractor Management 

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Advanced Solutions

Advanced Solutions are those that collect, analyze, and act on relevant business data gathered from security systems, as well as open-source systems gathered by security systems. The goal of an Advanced Solution is to improve processes and build a dynamic solution to meet the requirements of a complex business environment. Among those solutions are identity management systems, situational management systems, dashboards, and smart sensors, to name a handful. The most popular trends in the industry include facial recognition, active shooter detection, and mobile credentialing. 

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Enterprise Services

Enterprise Services

Strategic Planning

Business Optimization

Software-Centric Solutions

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Professional Services

Professional Services Group

Manage IT Projects

Large Project Support

Custom Applications

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Cyber Services

Cyber Strategy Development

Insider Threat

Cyber Tools Optimization


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Software & Tools

Service & Software Tools

iCare Online Service Portal


Resource & Management

With Expertise in Diverse Systems Integration

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Fire & Life Safety

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Why Partner With Convergint?

With a culture of integrity, accountability, and excellence, Convergint is committed to being your best service provider.

Values And Beliefs

Our ten Values & Beliefs are the foundation of all that we do

Values & Beliefs

• Not just words on a page
• Fabric of our culture
• Unchanged since founding
• Provide a business compass

Service Excellence

We expect to be our customers' best service provider

Service Excellence

• Expect to be best service provider
• Culture of service dedication
• Continuous use of metrics
• Customer service surveys

Dedicated Colleagues

Colleagues dedicated to making a daily difference


• Colleagues who care
• Dedication to service excellence
• Culture of communication
• Continual training & development

Global Capabilities

Global reach combined with local service excellence

Global Capabilities

• United States
• Canada
• Europe
• Asia Pacific

Value-Added Services

Our value-added services make your life easier

Value-Added Services

• iCare Web Service Portal
• The Playbook
• Program Management
• Professional Services

Advanced Solutions

A consultative approach producing business outcomes

Advanced Solutions

• Risk reduction
• Regulatory compliance
• Proactive, not reactive
• Tangible economic benefit

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